Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Brief History of Madness

Meet Marty, Kubatski, and Gimpy. That's us up there. The middle three from left to right. In 2005 we came up with a plan. Let's take off the first two days of the NCAA tournament (Thursday and Friday), go somewhere with lots of TVs and watch every minute of all 32 first round games. Our favorite holiday of the year was born. Several traditions have come from these but they have always been a fantastic time and we look forward to it every year.

In the past, we have kept a running diary at our table for those who only make it part of the time. This year (lucky number 7 if you are counting) we are going to keep a running diary for those of you poor souls who have to work (or in Butters case attend law school). Please feel free to comment, add to the conversation or even make suggestions. And if you are in the area stop by. And buy us a drink.


Ron Rowe said...

....so jealous

Carmen said...

I'm looking forward to reading this as much as keeping up with the games. There will be no work getting done in my cubicle Thursday and Friday.
Thank you! Have a great time!

Natalie said...

Well this ought to be good!